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Founded in 2022 by Dustin Cali and Daniel Ventura, Praetego Private Wealth is an independent wealth management firm,

offering comprehensive financial planning encompassing a client’s investment, retirement, insurance, tax, income and estate needs and goals. We help protect our clients from multiple forms of financial risk, including inflation, unfavorable business cycles, and market volatility. We provide our clients with the comfort and confidence of knowing their financial life is being handled with diligence and professionalism.

After a decade of working with successful clients with various backgrounds, different life situations and varying ambitions for their wealth, we realized one common theme they all shared.

No matter how much money they had, to each one of them, that amount was everything. It represented their life savings – their hard work – their family’s future. They were concerned about losing it – not only for how it supported their current lifestyle, but for how it would fund their future and legacy.

When you think about an unpredictable financial path, we think of credentialed guidance to navigate your journey.


A Certified Financial Planner designation is awarded by the CFP Board of Standards and is distinct recognition of expertise in the areas of financial planning, taxes, insurance, estate planning, and retirement. To hold this top industry credential requires years of experience, successful completion of standardized exams, a demonstration of ethics, and a formal education. In our capacity as CFP® professionals, we bring all of these solutions, strategies and services together in a cohesive plan to help our clients pursue their financial objectives.


We are also Enrolled Agents with the IRS and have a deep understanding of how taxation can affect a client’s current income and future cash flows. Enrolled Agent status is the highest tax credential awarded by the IRS. Unlike CPA’s that are licensed from state to state, Enrolled Agents are Federally Authorized Tax Practitioners with unlimited representation rights that specialize in tax planning and preparation for both individuals and small businesses.

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